The Need

The children of Madagascar have so little. Poverty controls their lives and their destiny.

The Vision

Education is key to opening up new worlds and firing up the imagination. These children have so much potential. Let us help them find it.

You Can Help

Bringing hope to children half way around the world won't be easy. Your spare change can provide the change needed by so many.

A Future

Bringing educational opportunities to the poorest children of Madagascar builds a better tomorrow for all of us. Be a part of something wonderful.

THIS IS THE NEW WEBSITE! Madagascar will always be in my Heart...

14th Mar

Madagascar Live Blog

REMEMBER TO VISIT THE NEW WEBSITE: Click below to get the...

08th Aug

Spreading Technology a World Away!

Paris We have wonderful memories of the long journey and will return...

28th Jul

Deborah Sewell does an interview about my program for edtech digest!

Great news! Upon her return to Toronto, Deb was asked to do...

04th Jun
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